AMPLS-API changelog

Here [Breaking] means the change that may break valid user code, [Fix] - a bug fix.

0.2.0 - 20240327

  • [New] Python: Added Constraint.to_string and AMPLModel.add_constraint

0.1.9 - 2024-03-19

  • [New] Python: added parameter import_entities to the method amplpy.AMPL.import_solution to import entities added via AMPLS back to the amplpy model

0.1.8 - 2024-03-16

  • [New] Python: added parameter keep_files to the method amplpy.AMPL.import_solution that if set to true, keeps the exported row, col and NL files

0.1.7 - 2024-01-13

  • [[Fix]] Row and column files written to the temporary directory when exporting from AMPLAPI or amplpy are now removed

0.1.6 - 2023-12-19

  • [New] Added Python examples in python/examples

  • [Fix] Python: get_solution_dict and getSolutionDict

0.1.5 - 2023-11-20

  • [Fix] Gurobi: getting solution vector and objective bounds in callbacks at MIPSOL and MIPNODE

0.1.4 - 2023-08-09

  • [New] Added SolverAttributes::INT_NumIntegerVars

  • [Fix] Various bug fixes

0.1.3 - 2023-06-27

  • [Breaking] ampls::CPLEXCallback is now using the generic callbacks. Note that multithreading is not disabled by default but implementation needs extra care.

  • [Breaking] Solver and solver driver related errors in Python are now thrown as ampls.AMPLSolverException

  • [Fix] Fixed python wrappers for AMPLModel.*etAMPLParameter and AMPLModel.getStatus

  • [New] Added AMPLModel::infinity() and AMPLModel::negInfinity() to use when creating new entities with no bounds

  • [Fix] A problem arising when replaying in AMPL new entities recorded with AMPLModel::record()

  • [Fix] Mapping of callback information in BaseCallback::getValue()

0.1.2 - 2023-06-02

  • [New] Added parameter to AMPLModel::load() and AMPLAPIInterface::exportModel<T>() to specify options when loading the model. Necessary for options that involve the solver driver

  • [Breaking] Renamed BaseCallback::checkCanDo to canDo

  • Options handling:

    • [Breaking] Renamed the function AMPLModel::getIntOptionValue to AMPLModel::getIntOption

    • [New] Implemented AMPLModel::getDoubleOption and AMPLModel::getStringOption